Machina Loci


Machina Loci Art Projects

Encompassing sculpture, installation, workshops and writing; Carol Mancke's machina loci art projects engage people in fun yet thought provoking collaborative activities.

Exploring the performative possibilities of places and situations, these projects interfere in the social fabric, creating platforms which invite visitors to act. They generate opportunities for overlaying physical experience and spatial/social/cultural interpretation so that viewers move without thinking between the immediate and the mediated. Machina loci art projects draw the audience out of the passive stance of simply looking and into active collusion in creation and its attendant risks and rewards.

A developing strand is the idea of ‘clearings’ or temporary transformation of spaces/situations through art installations that question and/or strengthen place identity.


Ellesmere Port Boogie Woogie 2014
Disclosure & Outside-In Cafe 2012
Cats Allowed & Living Landscapes 2009
Toge Time/Pass Time 2009
Palimpsest Public House 2008
Coming Out 2006

Carol Mancke Art

Exploring some similar and some different ideas to machina loci projects, these works by Carol Mancke are gallery and exhibition based installations and objects.


Who am I to say? 2015
Table 18 2015
Carbon Carats 2011-17
Get Over It 2010
Safe and Healthy Art: R&R 2008
Box Series 2006
Collaboration with a Dancer 2007-08
Sticks 2004-05
Journey 2002