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Ellesmere port boogie woogie

Parking lots are the most extensive 'public spaces' to be found in many cities. The private space within our car has functioned as seminal space in many of our lives.

The juxtaposition of the very private interior of the car and the very public nature of a car park has unacknowledged and unexploited power. Ellesmere Port Boogie Woogie (EPBW) started with a question: could the car park (parking lot) become a space for political conversation - a place for thinking together about the kind of future we want? The project is part of on going research into how contemporary art strategies operating in the public realm might their communities. Using drawing and performance, EPBW exploited the spatial and social qualities of two Ellesmere Port car parks to create 'clearings' within everyday hustle and bustle to encourage visitors to slow down and perhaps look around themselves differently.

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Performance, high visibility vests, weather balloons, coloured tape, website, printed cards


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